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Laura Smith

Co-Owner | Designated Broker | General Manager

Laura Smith has been an industry leader in Seattle real estate for the past 19 years. Laura currently serves as the Designated Broker for Windermere Real Estate Co. in Seattle, WA. One of Laura’s guiding principles in business is the Windermere “truth” that “people are more important than houses.” Whether it has been clients, colleagues or brokers she’s mentoring or leading, the relationships she builds are paramount. Laura is well regarded as a coach and mentor to other brokers. Using your innate strengths combined with the tools, technology and partnership Windermere provides, Laura will help you not only set goals, but exceed them, along the way serving as your #1 fan. Laura is a blogger, podcaster, leader and coach.

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for Seattle.

Windermere Real Estate Co. consists of six Seattle offices and over 300 real estate brokers who, even more than being leaders in real estate knowledge and craft, are leaders in their communities. Our people are the reason we’ve earned a reputation as one of the Northwest’s great home-grown brands. We put relationships before sales quotas, and emphasize passionate service to both our clients and our community. Relationships + Community + Collaboration + Professionalism; this equation drives everything we do.





Your Weekly Update, In Bite-Sized Pieces.

Because she knows you are busy doing the heavy lifting for your clients (sometimes literally), Laura does a ton of market researching, trend interpreting, resource sharing and information gathering on your behalf. She digests all of this into a convenient package every week, her Fridays with Laura blog. Here you can find Laura’s briefs on MLS rules updates, Seattle market stats, conversations to have with clients, and cool tidbits to post to your own blog or social media. Because smaller pieces are always easier to lift!

Laura's Podcast

Inviting experts into discussions about evolving industry trends, Laura uses her podcast to connect with an audience of Seattle-area Windermere brokers seeking new know-how and cutting-edge can-do. Laura and her guests noodle on everything from major local economic factors to earnest money best practices to real estate marketing techniques that work. Consider yourself extra-knowledgeable on a specific, relevant topic? Join the podcast and help raise the bar!