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Laura Smith

Co-Owner | Designated Broker | General Manager

Direct: 206.227.7133 | Office: 206.524.1100 | laurasmith@windermere.com

Laura Smith has been an industry leader in Seattle real estate for the past 19 years. Laura currently serves as the Designated Broker for Windermere Real Estate Co. in Seattle, WA. One of Laura’s guiding principles in business is the Windermere “truth” that “people are more important than houses.” Whether it has been clients, colleagues or brokers she’s mentoring or leading, the relationships she builds are paramount. Laura is well regarded as a coach and mentor to other brokers. Using your innate strengths combined with the tools, technology and partnership Windermere provides, Laura will help you not only set goals, but exceed them, along the way serving as your #1 fan. Laura is a blogger, podcaster, leader and coach.

Episode Eight

33 minutes with Windermere Ballard manager Darlene Sozihno, Windermere Ballard broker Kayse Gundram and Windermere’s new Regional Marketing Director, Christopher King. The topic:: marketing and priming the pump for our new regional marketing department to come! This conversation is part of “discovery” as Christopher begins his build out of our the Regional Marketing Department.

Episode Nine

34 minutes with David Daniel (attorney, Demco), Matthew Gardner (Windermere's Chief Economist) and Windermere's Northgate manager, Jordan Malloch. We discuss + comment on Waterfront Seattle's proposed LID and digest Matthew's commentary on Seattle's economy post Q1 and how this is reflected in our real estate marketplace.

Episode Ten

45 minutes with David Daniel (attorney, Demco), Windermere broker Mary Durkan, Windermere Ballard manager Darlene Sozinho. We discuss + comment on Washington State's July 1st 2018 Common Interest Ownership Act (CIC) and digest wisdom on what it looks like to buy and sell floating homes in Seattle! We wrap this session with a fun "fabled service" story - such a good reminder that our service becomes our brand.

Episode Eleven

With the media being one of the biggest factors in our real estate marketplace, Windermere Real Estate Co. brokers Catherine Adams and Sabrina Booth join Windermere's Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner and myself to move beyond the headlines.

With Seattle now more diverse economically than ever, we dig into our current real estate market and hash out what parts of this market feel familiar and in what ways.


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Our Core Values


Windermere offers the promise of integrity and expertise while building lifelong client relationships.


Through charitable donations and volunteerism, Windermere sets itself apart by supporting the communities in which we live and work.


Windermere encourages teamwork and has created an environment where working together is valued over internal competition.


Windermere operates with the highest professional ethics, industry knowledge, and commitment to our brand.